"Jeyam Trust!" Center For Differently Abled Children

Jeyam Trust is run by the Para-Medical professional Mrs. J. Kavitha (Neuro physiotherapiest), Mr. M. Palani Kumar (Autism Diet Counsellor) and Miss. Sudha (Occupational therapist and Psyciotherapist). The institution started our journey in the year 2004 as jeyam Physio occupational therapy centre. Through that we have integrated 8 autistic children to the normal stream of education and with the encouragement, support of those children parents a need emerged in July 14th 2008 to set up Jeyam trust and research centre –a non profit secular organization dedicated to treat ,educate and train children with special needs. Now we have children coming to our centre from in and around Coimbatore with different diagnosis and from different socio economic status.